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What to do when a WordPress plugin crashes your site

When updating a plugin for WordPress, there is always a risk that it might “break something”, but follow these simple steps to ensure it’s not a heart breaking moment! If you don’t backup your site before updating a plugin (or WordPress itself), you really should. This piece of advice will ensure that whatever happens, you can always ... Read more >

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Setting up a social network with WordPress

Setting up a social network with WordPress and WP Symposium Pro For over 3 years, WP Symposium has grown into a stable way to create a social network on your WordPress website. As a social network plugin for WordPress, WP Symposium is an “all in one” solution. One plugin, full of options. WP Symposium Pro is the ... Read more >

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WP Symposium Pro Widget Development

Yes as the title suggests we are in the process of developing a plugin that will give you 2 widgets for your WP Symposium Pro Social Network. The main widget will include: Profile image Friends List Your Links menu (choice of menus that you create in WordPress) Up to 6 additional shortcode slots This will ... Read more >

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WordPress Security Tips

These WordPress Security tips will help you to lock down your WordPress website and make it more secure for you and your site members. There will also be less of a chance to loss or have stolen private user information. 1. User Passwords The zero position is the password that you use to access and ... Read more >

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