WordPress Site Management includes:

  1. Software/plugin/theme monitoring & updates
  2. Daily backups
  3. ONLY $59.95 per month!

Is your website run by WordPress?

Globe Icon: WordPressHow much time to you spend on WordPress site management?
You are monitoring your WordPress software AND backing up your website offsite daily? Right?
You need professional WordPress Site Management services by E & M Preferred Solutions – the clear choice to keep your website running and up to date.

WordPress is used by 20.3% of all the websites. That equals a 58.8% market share of websites utilizing a content management system. (Source)

Large and small businesses are implementing their websites with content management powered by WordPress.

To keep your website operational and running at peak performance you MUST continually monitor your WordPress software versions, plugins, and themes keeping it all up to date. It is also imperative to backup your website daily and store those backups off-site.

This is a time consuming task! Monitoring your website software, performing updates, AND making sure your offsite backups are running – all on a daily basis!

Let us help! For only $59.95 per month

  • Monitor and install security updates, patches and software version upgrades for WordPress
  • Update your WordPress plugins as needed
  • Keep your WordPress themes up to date
  • Run daily backups to our offsite cloud storage of your entire website keeping 2 daily versions

Also do you need help managing the content of your WordPress website?

Add in our Website Content Maintenance  We will update content, add new pages, add photos, etc.)

We Now offer web hosting for your WordPress sites:

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