Setting up a social network with WordPress and WP Symposium Pro

For over 3 years, WP Symposium has grown into a stable way to create a social network on your WordPress website. As a social network plugin for WordPress, WP Symposium is an “all in one” solution. One plugin, full of options. WP Symposium Pro is the next generation of WP Symposium, allowing you to take total control over how your WordPress social network looks and works!

And what’s more, it’s so easy to set up. Just add a shortcode to any WordPress page or Text/HTML widget. Take a look at the Getting Started… page to see just how easy it is!

As an example, you would only have to put

[‘wps-activity’] on a WordPress page, and you will get a full profile activity page, similar to the Facebook Wall™.

WP Symposium Pro Plugins

Rather than grow the core plugin into something that is large and “bloaty”, extensions to WP Symposium Pro are provided as separate plugins.

This means that:

  • the core plugin remains small and efficient
  • you add what features you want for your website
  • unnecessary features are not loaded, adding to your site code
  • they are easy to maintain and upgrade frequently

The list of separate plugins covers all sorts of things, and will continuously be added to, take a look in the “shop“.

WP Symposium Pro Demo / Try it out

Joining at is free and you can try out all the features, and all the extensions!

Getting WP Symposium Pro

The core plugin, and other plugins, are available at


WP Symposium Pro has now changed the way it is available. The Core plugin is available through WordPress repository at, Link, and the additional features are now in one single plugin called “Extension” . This makes installation and updates more efficient and allows you turn on what extensions you need today and add and/or remove extensions at will and need. You can find info about cost by following this Link.

We at E&M Preferred Solutions are actively involved in development and testing on the WP Symposium Pro Plugin, so any comments placed here will get relayed to the development team there.